What Our Families Are Saying


Our whole family looks forward to Saturday morning "Music Together With Sarah" where we sing and dance with other children and their families to the glorious songs and music that's in the program. Sarah Walker is a creative and joyful teacher who has helped developed my daughter's singing and enjoyment of music - much to our delight! Our 9 month old baby also jiggles and wiggles and claps along too!

Nhi, Wembley Downs.


There are so many things to love about Music Together®! Classes are so much fun that you hardly even notice the great breadth of musical and cultural experience that your children are being exposed to. The repertoire is carefully chosen such that the songs are simple enough for children to sing, yet so much can be done with them that they are always fun and interesting. Sarah is wonderfully creative and engaging, and creates an environment where the parents can enjoy themselves as much as the kids - singing, dancing and playing percussion. Every family with young children should come to this class! By far the best preschool music class we've been to.

Kirrily, Scarborough


I've been attending Sarah's classes for 3 years and we all just love it. In fact we love it so much that I've been travelling over 45 minutes to get to class! My second daughter has literally grown up with "Music Together with Sarah" - as I was pregnant with her for the first class term - now coming up to 3, she and my 4 year old sing and dance the day away. We love the recordings you get to take home and they have all been on high rotation - especially in the car. Sarah is warm, engaging and lots of fun - as are her two new teachers! 

Rachel, Koongamia.


What an amazing and rich music environment I have found at "Music Together with Sarah"!  I love these classes.  They always make me feel uplifted and I especially enjoy the bonding moments I have with my daughters during classes as we dance, sing, laugh and cuddle together.  The girls have grown in their joy and confidence through the years and it makes me so happy to hear them make up their own songs as well as sing our well known favorites from classes too. As my eldest now starts more formal music lessons, I see how she already has foundations in rhythm and tone and is eager to pursue more music making. Thank you Sarah for giving us such a rich musical environment to inspire us.

Andrea, Gwellup


As a result of Music Together with Sarah ("Sarah's music" in our house) we are all singing and dancing so much more. We have been attending classes for 2 years now. Our 4 yr old sings and dances their way through most days and has us singing rounds in the car . "Mummy you sing……… I’ll sing this bit". Selfishly, I love it too (for me) and now feel more confident myself in singing. So we also sing when we are shopping!! There are so many wonderful things about Music Together, the classes gently encourage us to bond and support our children in a loving and healthy way. It provides a space for our children to discover, participate and observe song, voice and movement. We all get to sing and play while learning all the way. And it all rolls out at home and every part of the day. We loved Sarah and now we love Rashitha (RaRa). I would recommend "Sarah's" music - Music Together with Sarah, to everyone!

Mary Anne, Mt Hawthorn


My daughter and I love attending "Music Together with Sarah" each week. The songs are fantastic (for the grownups too!), the inclusive, playful nature of the classes are wonderful, and the combination of rhythm, rhyme, dance, harmony, play and musical instruments create an amazingly holistic music class. In the 2 years we have been attending I have seen my daughters musical creativity thrive. She is constantly creating her own songs and dances and rhythms at home. Thank you Sarah!

Sophie, Maylands 


Being able to go along to “Music with Together Sarah” with my two kids (2 ½ and 4) is such an enriching experience.  Sarah creates a wonderful space for children to have fun with music.  The songs have appeal to all ages, and seeing my kids singing and dancing to them at home always brings a big smile to my face.

Natasha, Claremont.


My kids absolutely adore Sarah and her Music Together class. They refer to her as though she’s one of the family. Her class is a fantastic way to instil a love for and understanding of music in children. Sarah is a fantastic teacher and her enthusiasm inspires the children to have a great time. Over the past year I have seen my children’s music confidence grow and they are forever singing and dancing around the house. Daycare has even commented that my son is often found singing on the toilet!! Finally children’s music that both adults and kids can listen to over and over without going crazy!

Clare, North Perth. 


Term four will be our third consecutive term. Wonderful watching the kids blossom with each class.. Singing, bopping, jamming and getting their groove on, love it! Highly recommend it. Sarah is a gem :-)

Kristen, Duncraig.


For a couple of years now, I have been attending Music Together with two of my children. They have bloomed into musical souls. They are no longer shy to sing along to a familiar tune and happy to dance to the beat. Their interaction through music is priceless. Sarah has been so nurturing to my children and myself included. It has been a wonderful journey for the whole family.

Anis, Scarborough 


I have taken years of Music Together whilst living in the US and was so thrilled to find it has started up in Perth now. Sarah is a wonderful teacher, and it's so nice to take a class where the kids can be themselves, and have fun. It's a great way to spend time with multiple siblings in the one class, where everyone has a good time. Highly recommend.

Phillipa, Claremont.

From the moment my 10 month old girl started attending "Music Together with Sarah" it was a fantastic experience. The classes introduced my daughter to music through the interaction of singing and playing with musical instruments. It was great that parents could join in and be part of the fun. Sarah is amazing, always engaging with all of the kids and made the classes so enjoyable! I would definitely recommend this class to everyone. 

Jodie, Gwellup.



Myself and my 2 year old went to music classes back in Edinburgh. We enjoyed them immensely so decided to look around for a baby and toddler music class in Perth when we moved to Australia. We tried one class which was OK. Then we tried Sarah's class. It couldn't have been more different. Music Together is based on sound psychological, musical and educational principles. Children are introduced to musical styles from all around the world and the songs and pieces used are tailored precisely to their developmental stage. Each class is different and quite wonderful. The classes are loosely structured and children are encouraged to explore and take the lead. My boy and me adore the classes. Sarah is a joy and is without a doubt a genuine talent. The wide range of musical styles we are exposed to are an education for me as well as my son. Can't recommend highly enough.  

Lorraine, Quinns Rock.